"Elk Capital     of   Michigan"



                An important element of the rich heritage of Michigan's forested beauty is the Elk Herd in the Pigeon River Region of the northern Lower Peninsula. The sight of a majestically antlered bull elk at around 1000 lbs, and bugling sounds heard in the late fall are experiences not soon forgotten. For the many individuals who seek a glimpse of these creatures, Michigan's elk herd is an important part of the uniqueness of the "Great Lake State".

            The herd is the "Largest" elk herd "East" of the Mississippi River, traces its origins to 1918, when seven elk were brought to northern Michigan from Wyoming. Michigan had lost the last of its indigenous herd sometime after 1875. The numbers fluctuated with the availability of food and the increased range of the animals, the herd has remained sizeable and now is thought to number well over a 1000.

            Although often referred to as the Pigeon River Elk Herd, the animals have ranged considerably to the east and south throughout Montmorency County and the Atlanta Area. In addition to welcoming visitors from across our state and the Midwest seeking a glimpse of the elk, the Atlanta community also has hosted Elk Hunts which have been utilized to maintain the herd. People in the Atlanta Area are extremely proud of the natural resource that these animals are.


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